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CPS (Custom Process System) Water Treatment System

Ideal for mid and high volume wastewater treatment (up to 12m3 per hour)

Wastewater Treatment System Complete

The CPS Wastewater Treatment Systems use CTECH's PolyClay technology to clarify spent solutions, emulsions and industrial effluent. The CPS waste water treatment system provides process design flexibility to meet specific waste removal needs. Standard systems can have a throughput capacity of up to 12m3 per hour, with treatment tank sizes ranging from 2 to 15m3 for optimum efficiency and economy. Process tanks are available in stainless steel, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and GRP.

The following Control Panel screenshot shows the overview screen of a CPS15000 Wastewater Treatment System installed by CTECH Europe Ltd.​

Wastewater Treatment System Overview

Components of a typical CPS Wastewater Treatment System

Wastewater Equalisation Tanks

These collect and homogenise the factory waste water. The Equalisation Tank volume is based on the system throughput capacity, with mixers installed to keep solids in suspension.

Wastewater Treatment Tank

Waste water Treatment Tanks are designed with a conical bottom and internal baffles. Decant connections are located on the straight side of the tank. Mixers are installed in the tanks, mounted on an integrated support bridge.

PolyClay Dosing Feeder

Various PolyClay feeder sizes are available ranging from 150 litres up to 1000 litres suitable for PolyClay bulk bags. The use of load cells improves dosing accuracy.


Mixers used on all CPS systems have been selected to provide optimum process results during the addition of PolyClay into the waste water Treatment Tank and for solids suspension in the Equalization Tank.

Sludge Tanks

Sludge Tanks are used for holding sludge from the Treatment Tank to enable batches to be processed in the Treatment Tank independently of the Filter Press operation cycle.

Filter Press & Bandfilter

Either dewatering device or even a combination can be selected depending on the volume and type of sludge. CTECH manufacture a wide randge of filter press and bandfilter units.

Control Panel

The CPS system can be operated in manual or manual/automatic mode. Control panels designed to meet specific site requirements can also be supplied.


Since the CPS system is custom designed, options can be added to handle specific waste water treatment requirements.


The CPS Waste Water Treatment System is a custom designed system that is installed, piped, wired and tested on site. The key features are:

  • System can be designed to handle virtually all batch sizes.
  • All materials used for the equipment are chosen for their durability.
  • Treated water and sludge can be filtered or dewatered with Bandfilters and/or Filter Press units
  • System produces 20 to 45% dry solids cake on average in combination with Bandfilters and up to 60% dry solids cake with Filter Press units.
  • Automation options are available using PLC's and touch screens for ease of operation.
  • Process is easy to operate, no highly skilled operators required.

Typical Flow Chart of a CPS Waste Water Treatment System with PolyClay

Wastewater Treatment System CPS Flowchart Ctech- Europe Ltd

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