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  • Wastewater treatment - 3 stages of Polyclay Treatment

Wastewater Treatment from CTECH Europe Ltd

Wastewater treatment is a key process for many industries. Companies today strive for increasing efficiency and production excellence in their manufacturing processes. It therefore stands to reason that the treatment of any wastewater streams produced should demand as much attention as any other process within company operations.

Management of wastewater is critical. There are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet require a consistent, high quality output. CTECH offers a number of tools to efficiently analyse, evaluate and treat your wastewater from primary clarification to discharge.

CTECH understands that effective primary wastewater treatment is critical to plant operations, whether companies are discharging directly to the municipal sewer system or treating it prior to a secondary treatment process such that the wastewater can be reused. Optimising the performance of treatment chemicals and equipment can dramatically minimize overall costs and maximise return on investment, and we can provide creative solutions to help meet even the most stringent wastewater quality requirements.

Why choose CTECH Europe?

The wastewater treatment solutions provided by CTECH Europe offer a range of advantages over our competitors. We offer solutions that are tailor made and designed to ensure cost effective operation and to maximize system uptime... so that the customer remains productive and profitable in today's and tomorrow's competitive world.

We manufacture PolyClay treatment chemistries and products, and cost effective industrial treatment systems. The benefits include:

  • Vast experience in the treatment of wastewater since 1975.
  • Specialists in difficult to treat wastewater.
  • Expertise in being able to reduce the complete wastewater lifecycle cost.
  • Wastewater treatment solutions that are tailor made and available through a one-stop-shop facility.
  • Our own, easy to use, PolyClay flocculation products which guarantee cost effective treatment processes and economic treated water disposal costs.
  • Full range of both modular and package systems offering the greatest flexibility.
  • User friendly systems which require minimum maintenance.
  • In-house laboratory facilities for assessing and developing effective treatment processes.
  • Full Pilot Units available for on-site trials at the customer.

Overview of Products

Polyclay Wastewater Treatment Products

Wastewater treatment - 3 stages of Polyclay Treatment

CBF Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment System CBF350 Crate Filter

CBS Wastewater Treatment Systems

CBS Bandfilter Wastewater Treatment System

CPS Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment System Complete

CFP Filter Presses

Wastewater Treatment System Filter Press

Band Filters

Band Filter Wastewater Treatment System

pH Dosing Control Systems

wastewater treatment systems - ph unit

Powder Dosing Systems

Powder Dosing Systems and Hoppers

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