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Water filtration solutions provided by a wide range of Filter Press Units

Wastewater Treatment System Filter Press

CTECH Europe's complete range of side beam Filter Press units are available in various plate sizes from 250mm through to 1500mm, in both bib outlet or 4-corner outlet with recessed or membrane plates. All CFP Filter Press units are tailor made and available in virtually any volume by selecting the number of plates required.

Various levels of automation can be selected to suit individual customer requirements.

The CFP Filter Press units are available in heavy duty carbon steel or stainless steel and are suitable for 7 bar, or as an option 15 bar, pumping pressure. All structural steel is sand blasted and has a primer and corrosion resistant epoxy coating applied. All parts subject to wear are made of stainless steel.

European Quality of CBF Filter Press Units

All CTECH Filter Press units are entirely manufactured in Europe, with only class leading certified and European sourced components being used. This is to guarantee the highest quality, reliability and ease of maintenance of our products.

Options for CBF Filter Press Units

Optional items are available to create a filter press that is able to support the specific filtration and operational requirements of the customer. Most of these options are also suitable to be retrofitted to existing equipment.

Examples are:

Plate Shifter

Plate Shifter - CFP Filter Press Wastewater Treatment System

The automated Plate Shifter consists of a carriage connected to a chain which is enclosed within a stainless steel box section rail. This enclosed mechanism greatly improves reliability and longevity, preventing the chains from seizing. The plates are moved to access the filter cakes by the push of a button.

Curtain Screens

Curtain Screens - CFP Filter Press Wastewater Treatment System

Full length bespoke curtain screening can be provided so as to contain over-spray and filter cake debris when the filter press is emptied, cleaned and jet-washed.

Movable Drip Tray Doors

The Drip Trays Doors prevent filtrate water from dripping onto the floor or the waste container collecting the cakes. The Drip Trays are powered for ease of operation.

Plate Washing Facility

A movable carriage, fitted with nozzles, jet washes the filter cloths one by one. This helps to maintain an optimum filtration rate and reduces operator invention.

Further options:

Access platforms, photo cell safety curtains, control panels with ramp-up controls, skips and cake transport systems, pre-coating equipment, feed pumps.

The CFP Filter Press units can be used to dewater a wide range of sludge from industries/processes such as:

  • Metal Finishing
  • Paint Waste
  • Latex and Adhesive Manufacture
  • Waste water Treatment Plants
  • Mining Applications
  • Pigment and Dye Waste
  • Ink Waste

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