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CBF Crate Filter Wastewater Treatment System

Ideal for small volume wastewater treatment (<2m3 per day)

Wastewater Treatment System CBF350 Crate Filter

Wastewater Treatment System CBF350 Crate Filter

The CBF 350 DC system is designed for use in applications where small amounts of wastewater are generated. The CBF system provides a 350 litre batch treatment process utilising CTECH's PolyClay technology to clarify spent solutions, emulsions and industrial effluent.

The compact and ingenious design allows for a simple and efficient treatment of wastewater and ensures excellent filtration. Furthermore it reduces labour cost and requires minimal space for placement.

The CBF 350 DC is available in a manual as well as a semi-automatic version.

Wastewater Treatment Tank Design

The waste water treatment tank is designed to get the optimum result out of the PolyClay reacting agent. Once filled, the mixer can be started and a pre-weighed quantity of PolyClay can be added manually.

An optional decant port is available. This allows the clear, treated water to be sent to the crates for filtration prior to the sludge being released to the crates. This process speeds up the total waste water treatment time.

Wastewater Treatment Tank Mixer

The mixer has been selected to provide optimum mixing during both the addition of PolyClay chemicals and the treatment process.

Crate Filter Assembly

Disposable filter paper is utilised to line the crate assemblies. The crates provide support to the filter paper during dewatering. The unit is equipped with a drip conveyor so that up to 5 crates can be used for dewatering on the conveyor at any given time.

This allows the crates to continue to dewater inside the wastewater treatment system. The crates can dewater even further after they have been removed from the CBF system.

Wastewater Treatment System CBF350 Crate Filter semi automatic

The semi automatic version detects when the receiving crate is full and stops the flow of water and/or sludge. An empty crate with filter paper can then be moved underneath the outlet and the flow continued.

The PolyClay ensures excellent dewatering leaving a non-leachable sludge by-product. After disposal of the sludge, the crate can be re-used with new filter paper.

Wastewater Treatment System CBF350 Crate Filter - Crate and Rollers

The compactly built system is constructed from powder coated steel. All wet parts are manufactured from High Density Polypropylene ensuring long and reliable operation of the equipment.

CBF Crate Filter Wastewater Treatment System - Key Facts

The CBF wastewater treatment system is a compact, pre-wired and tested unit for trouble-free operation from day one. The key features are:

  • Suitable for small volumes of wastewater.
  • Batch size of 350 litres.
  • Materials used for the equipment are chosen for their durability: High Density Polypropylene for the treatment tank and a powder coated support frame.
  • Treated water and sludge is run through the crate filter assembly.
  • Easy to operate, no highly skilled operators required.

Typical Treatment Process with PolyClay and CBF Wastewater Treatment System

Wastewater Treatment System CBF Crate Filter Process 1 - Ctech Europe Ltd

1. Waste water is filled directly into the treatment tank. When the treatment tank is full, the mixer is turned on and the flocculation agent PolyClay is added.

Through mixing, flocculation starts and contaminants are removed from the waste water.

Wastewater Treatment System CBF Crate Filter Process 2 - Ctech Europe Ltd

2. After the mixing time has elapsed, the treated water is visually checked and the outlet valve is opened. The water/sludge mixture is then filtered through the crate filtration assembly where it dewaters by gravity.

The clean water flows into the drip conveyor and through to the discharge outlet.


CBF Crate Filter Wastewater Treatment System Dimensions - Ctech Europe Ltd

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