CBS Bandfilter System for Waste Water Treatment

For mid volume waste water treatment

CBS Band Filter and filter pressThe CBS Band filter Wastewater Treatment Systems use CTECH's PolyClay flocculation technology to clarify spent solutions, emulsions and industrial effluent. The CBS waste water treatment system utilises a batch treatment process to meet specific waste water removal needs, reduces labour cost and minimises space requiremenrts. Standard systems have a throughput capacity of up to 4 m3 per hour, with treatment tank sizes ranging from 350 litres to 1500 litres for optimum efficiency and economy.
CBS Band filter WasteWater Treatment Systems are manufactured in Stainless Steel and Polyethylene. The CBS Band filter System can be supplied as either a manual or automated system.

Waste Water Treatment Tank
Waste water treatment tanks are of conical-shape design with decant connections located on the bottom side of the tank. Mixers are installed in the tanks, mounted on a support bridge.

PolyClay Dosing Feeder
PolyClay dosing feeders are available with a 45 litre hopper for manual filling using 25 kg bags of PolyClay.

On all CBS Band Filter systems, mixers have been selected to provide optimum mixing during the addition of PolyClay chemicals and during the waste water treatment process.

Bandfilter Unit
A trough shaped bandfilter of stainless steel wire mesh that permits dewatering of sludge from the treatment tank. The band filter is driven by a geared electric motor regulated by a level control switch.

Collection Tank
Located beneath the band filter and equipped with a 21/2" discharge line for gravity feed to the sewer.

Control Panel
The CBS Bandfilter system can be operated in manual or manual/automatic mode, control panels can be supplied to meet specific site requirement.  Manual control panels are supplied with pushbuttons and manually set timers. Automatic/ Manual control panels are supplied with a manual/automatic selector switch push buttons. In the automatic mode the waste water treatment process is automatically executed.


The CBS Band filter System is a skid mounted system, pre-wired and tested for trouble-free operation from day one. The key features are:

  • Up to 1500 liter per batch waste water treatment capacity.
  • Materials used for the equipment are chosen for its durability: HDPE or Stainless Steel for the tank and Stainless Steel for the band filter.
  • Treated water and sludge is run through a band filter assembly for maximum quality.
  • System produces 20 to 35 percent dry solids cake on average.
  • Optional automation of the batch via PLC.
  • All controls are centrally located for ease of operation. Complete manual overrides.
  • Easy to operate, no highly skilled operators required.

Typical Treatment Process with PolyClay and CBS Bandfilter Waste Water Treatment System

 Filtration for waste water Treatment Process 1. The reaction vessel is filled with waste water. After filling, the mixer is started and the PolyClay reactive separating agent is added to the mixing waste water. During this time flocculation can be observed occuring in the waste water. The mixing continues for 5 - 10 minutes.

The mixer is then stopped, and the floc is allowed to settle. After 5 minutes of settling, the mixer is turned on again shortly. The waste water treatment process is than complete.


 Waste water Treatment filtration Process 2. The treated, clean water and the sludge is than pumped onto the filter media where it dewaters by gravity.

A level detection determines when the sludge builds up too high on the filter media and automatically advances the filter media to ensure even dewatering. The sludge and filter media then fall into a disposal container.

Standard models available:

 Model  Batch size  Standard band filter dimension
(length x width)
 Maximum capacity per hour
(depending on type of sludge)
 CBS 350 350 litres  2000 x 700 mm  350 - 700 litres
 CBS 750  750 litres 2000 x 1000 mm 750 - 1500 litres
 CBS 1500  1500 litres 3000 x 1500 mm 1500 - 3000 litres

Water treatment band filter and water press

   CBS 350 CBS 750 CBS 1500
 A  2010  2245  3245
 B  910  1210  1580
 C  1120  1420  1795
 D  1190  1310  1630
 E  1460  1580  1925

All dimensions in mm.


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